BadLands BL7242 Safe

BadLands BL7242 Safe

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The Badlands Series by Dakota Safe is the ideal Safe for budget minded buyers that want an exceptional quality product without breaking the bank. Badlands Safes are constructed from heavy 12 Gauge steel and are sealed off with Dakota Safes TRU composite door. The Badlands door consist of TWO FULL layers of steel in the door. The first Interior layer consist of heavy 12 Gauge cold rolled steel that is then stacked with fire board and topped off with a second outer liner of solid 12 Gauge steel. To top it off the badlands series offers a complete 60 minutes of fire protection at 1250 degrees. All of these features stacked in one complete package puts Dakota Safes in a whole new category in the Safe industry. Allowing Dakota Safes to give its customers the most steel and fire protection for the money in todays market. 


  • 72” Tall
  • 42” Wide
  • 27.5” Deep (Add 2.5" for Handle Hub & Hinges)
  • 51 Long Gun Capacity
  • 905 lbs
  • Finish - Black Marble

Product Highlights:

  • 1 Hour / 1250° Degree Fire Rating
  • Heavy 12 Gauge Fully Continuous Welded Body
  • TRU Composite Door 12 Gauge Inner & 12 Gauge outer
  • 4 Way Bolt Works
  • 14 massive 1.25" Locking Bolts
  • Anti-Pry Tabs
  • Slip Clutch
  • Gray Carpet Interior
  • Modular Interior Design
  • Reinforced Shelves
  • Door Organizer System
  • Palusol Heat Seal
  • Black Chrome Hardware
  • 5 Spoke Handles
  • S&G Manual Dial lock

Additional Information:

All safes have hardened steel plates to protect the vital parts of the safe. Making it so no one can just come in and drill the locks. All safes have a re-locker, and a spring loaded pin. This pin is tripped, if tampered with, and locks up the whole mechanism. This feature is ONLY found in upper end safes.

All safes have a handle design that utilizes a slip clutch to disengage the handle and keeps it from engaging the bolts. Again, this feature is one that is usually found in upper end safes. All safes have under shelf support bars on all big shelves. You can load your shelves with ammo and a year later they will still hold their rigid form. All safes have four bolt down holes so you can anchor them in place. All safes have fire rated gypsum interior linings with a 60 minute / 1250° Degree Fire Rating. This makes the Dakota Safe the most secure fire resistant safe in its class. Fully continuous welds throughout. You will never see a spot weld on one of our safes. This is one more way that we will provide the best value for your dollar. And yet again, this feature is ONLY found in upper end safes.

All safes come with expanding door seals made to expand at higher temperatures. All safes come with gray fabric interiors, including the gun and storage shelving. Black hardware finishes out this very impressive safe at this price range.

We inspect our safes to guarantee that they are the highest quality safe in their price range.

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